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ListarIDIC-Artículos en Scopus por tema "Zonas rurales"

ListarIDIC-Artículos en Scopus por tema "Zonas rurales"

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  • Saettone-Olschewski, Erich-Arturo (Allerton Press Inc.Estados Unidos, 2012)
    There are presented desalination results by using a parabolic-trough concentrator (PTC) device of 5.5 m2, 0.7 m of line focal distance and aligned in the East—West direction. The length of the PTC is 2.5 m and its rectangular ...
  • Saettone-Olschewski, Erich-Arturo (Allerton Press, Inc.Estados Unidos, 2014)
    It was designed a Fresnel linear distiller based on optical calculations obtained from taking into account Lima's latitude value, Earth inclination angle and heat absorber cavity's dimensions. The 5.6 m^sup 2^ reflective ...

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